Uptown Hillbrow is an artist portrayal editorial styled by Johannesburg born artist Beezi Flybynyt​. Shot in the notorious district of Hillbrow. The editorial interconnects the relevance of artist interpretation in this age of influx, and the rise of the “me-too” product.

It highlights the complexities of being a new media artist and interrogates whether new media art actually exists. Subsequently the environment it’s shot in represents the crowded market share in the creative industry, as we know it.  The hi-jacking of buildings is a common occurrence in downtown Johannesburg. Gangs take over buildings, chasing security out and putting themselves in charge, claiming rent. 

Making reference to the 2008 gangster flick, Jerusalema. Andile Phewa depicts Bambatha Jones as an anti-hero taking an unflinching look into the monotony; exploitation and the transgressions faced by those looking to survive in the increasingly suffocated arts and fashion industry.

Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 1
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 2
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 3
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 5-1
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 12
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa / Photography : Andile Phewa / Model : Bambatha Jones / Styling : Beezi Flybynyt

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