Zolile Mcelu (born 24 June 1992), better known as TSA, is a South African rapper and songwriter. TSA has been able to build a niche fan base that has fallen in love with his introspective storytelling on beats filled with live instrumentation, glitchy vocals samples, ear scraping synths and infectious drum patterns.

Having taken the necessary steps to accelerate his career as an independent musician, TSA has developed a unique perspective and emerged as a wizened student, artist and entrepreneur in the city of Johannesburg where he was born and raised.

TSA's sitcom-inspired 'Chris' music video

Chris is a reimagined title sequence to the 1980s based sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris”.

TSA reinterprets the idea with his relaxed punchy and witty lines that take you on a journey. The video features faces of female characters of different looks and sizes to break away from the stereotypes of the typical video vixen / women you would see in hip-hop music videos.

The artist is seen performing the track in both studio and a convenience store. This is where he plays the role of an employee and an ordinary citizen as Chris did in the tv show. As a means to an end “Stack, stack, stack” represents making money and accumulating wealth for a better a living for all. TSA’s thoughts are effortlessly conveyed, talking about his affection for a girl, but he wonders as he goes deep inside her thoughts, about how she survives because nowadays beautiful girls like her are bought and enticed with money. “Let me put it like this, when you’re nice they’re gon’ hate you like Chris” regardless of what women do for a living, society will always have the assumption that a man is involved in her success or self care.

Watch the video below: