iKsasa Elethu [The Future is Ours] collaborative zine

‘Iksasa elethu [the future is ours]’ is a collaborative zine project between Bambatha Jones and Lwazi Madonsela. This zine was inspired by a lack of sincere African heritage and aesthetic being integrated into the Western products and ways of life that South Africans have adopted.

iKsasa Elethu Zine

The point of the project was to investigate how we can sustain our various South African/African cultures through our own chosen narratives and with our own agency, while maintaining a sense of modernity. Lwazi reconstructed  everyday modern items and products, like Adidas shoes and denim.

He chose to work with denim and bleach because they are both easily accessible. This classic D.I.Y. combination lends itself to infinite aesthetic possibilities.The modification of a classic Adidas ‘Superstar’ transforms it in to ‘SUPER NGUNI’ – parts of the Superstar are cut out and replaced by parts of a traditional Zulu sandal. This elevates both items from a standard shoe to a modern formal sandal.

iKsasa Elethu Zine

After ongoing conversations between the two creatives it was decided all images would be shot in Soweto where both artists reside. This project represents the journey of everyday people of Soweto and how they’ve interacted with staple products and items in the township. It also shows the underdeveloped state of one of South Africa’s biggest cultural melting pot. This location was incredibly important as it represents the pride and hope of the Sowetan and how South African people, at large, feel for their space, their culture and their future.


Creative Direction: Bambatha Jones & Lwazi Madonsela 
Styling: Lwazi Madonsela 
Models: Kamo & Mbulelo Faluti 
Photography: Bambatha Jones
Graphic designer: @artvillain_