TSA comes through with an unmatched sound to thrill his fans

TSA returns with another solo effort, since the release of his jazzy hit single ‘CHRIS’ referencing the 80s inspired sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris”. Trading live instrumentation for glitchy vocal samples, ear scraping synths and an infectious drum pattern. Jungle is by far the artist’s most raw sounding record to date. Reminiscent of his 2012 debut single “Joburg State of Mind”. The song kicks off with an irresistibly dark baseline which resembles the sound of the township notorious BMW 325is vehicle.

TSA - Jungle

The concept of the new single refers to money in juxtaposition with the ‘Jungle’, which can also be considered as a metaphor to Johannesburg where the artist was born and raised. Having taken the necessary steps to accelerate his career as an independent musician. One can tell that TSA has developed a unique perspective and emerged from the chaos as a wizened master of the Jungle.

With calm, poise and unstoppable determination the artist continues to boast his sophisticated ability to not only to write good lyrics but also to perform them too.

Listen to Jungle below: