TSA - Chris (Official Video)

Chris is a reimagined title sequence to the 1980s based sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris”.

The artist is seen performing the track in both studio and a convenience store. This is where he plays the role of an employee and an ordinary citizen as Chris did in the tv show. As a means to an end “Stack, stack, stack” represents making money and accumulating wealth for a better a living for all. 

Bambatha Jones features in Woolworths A/W '18 campaign

After a year of online collaborations and activations with Woolworths in 2017. Johannesburg born Creative Director & Artist Bambatha Jones has recently been featured in their latest Edition by Woolworths Autumn/ Winter ’18 Campaign.

Bambatha Jones and Woolworths

The continental campaign sees the indie model feature in a streetstyle-inspired fare, which tends to slightly drift off into sports details. Classic athletic looks feel fresh with their modern fit and the tight, focused palette – mostly red, blue, and black. Jones makes a second window appearance in Markham’s A/W ’18 as well.

The campaign also features the faces of models Summer Thompson, Nic Van Graan, Lindiwe Dim and Haneem Christian.
Bambatha Jones and Woolworths

Watch the campaign video below:


Irv Blames Jones (Short Film)

A collaborative electronic ensemble between two artists hailing from Soweto

Irv Blames Jake and Bambatha Jones met towards the end of 2016 having a slight idea about one another. This saw the development of an organic working relationship which would then result in the two artists experimenting and collaborating in various art mediums such as videography, photography, and music.

IRV BLAMES JONES 🚬 is a collaborative electronic ensemble by Creative Director, DJ, blogger and model Mongezi Mcelu and Photographer Irvin Khumalo. Both hailing from Soweto, a township South West of Johannesburg, South Africa. The artists have also embarked on a multimedia production which not only serves as an introduction to their visual documentation and storytelling style but to also familiarize their audience as to where they draw their inspiration from.

Videographer : Ndumiso Ngwane / Edited by : Lwando Mofu / Music By : Gusheshe Music

TSA returns with another solo effort, since the release of his jazzy hit single ‘CHRIS’ referencing the 80s inspired sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris”. Trading live instrumentation for glitchy vocal samples, ear scraping synths and an infectious drum pattern. Jungle is by far the artist’s most raw sounding record to date. Reminiscent of his 2012 debut single “Joburg State of Mind”. The song kicks off with an irresistibly dark baseline which resembles the sound of the township notorious BMW 325is vehicle.

Andile Phewa depicts Bambatha Jones as an anti-hero taking an unflinching look into the monotony

Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 5-1

Uptown Hillbrow is an artist portrayal editorial styled by Johannesburg born artist Beezi Flybynyt​. Shot in the notorious district of Hillbrow. The editorial interconnects the relevance of artist interpretation in this age of influx, and the rise of the “me-too” product.

It highlights the complexities of being a new media artist and interrogates whether new media art actually exists. Subsequently the environment it’s shot in represents the crowded market share in the creative industry, as we know it. The hi-jacking of buildings is a common occurrence in downtown Johannesburg. Gangs take over buildings, chasing security out and putting themselves in charge, claiming rent.

Making reference to the 2008 gangster flick, Jerusalema. Andile Phewa depicts Bambatha Jones as an anti-hero taking an unflinching look into the monotony; exploitation and the transgressions faced by those looking to survive in the increasingly suffocated arts and fashion industry.

Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 1
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 2
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 3
Bambatha Jones - Uptown Hillbrow 12
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa / Photography : Andile Phewa / Model : Bambatha Jones / Styling : Beezi Flybynyt

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Exkho Alvarez breaks down what his latest project "Love Hertz" is all about

exkho alvarez feature on we also liked

Moeletse Edwin Ntshere otherwise known as Exkho Alvarez (stylized Exkho ∆LV∆REZ) is a Ga-Rankuwa born hip hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer. Inspired by the likes of Eminem, HHP, J Dilla, Hugh Masekela, Fela Kuti, Kendrick Lamar, and Pete Rock. The Pretoria based Producer brings us a second installment to his 528Hertz tape series titled “Love Hertz”.

“For me to create any 528Hertz I had to draw my influence from the whole concept of “Love”. Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). So now any relationship experience I have would some how be energy basis in building this project.”

I wanted anyone who’d listen to this project to feel or attach no other emotion but Love to the silhouette environment this project would create, in my mind I had this idea of creating songs on a sample rate of 528Hz that way the song in itself would be vibrating at the same wavelength/Frequency as “Love” just by listening to any song in the EP “Love” would automatically get triggered inside of you.